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SPE Capital Europe

SPE Capital Europe

SPE Capital Europe invests in French SMEs that have the potential to become market leaders of the Euro-MENA (Europe, Middle East and North Africa) region.
In a world post COVID-19 where proximity, resilience and flexibility are becoming key factors of success, we see the Euro-MENA region as the most natural growth destination for French SMEs ready to internationalize.
With a dedicated team based in Paris and the strength of the SPE Capital platform present across Africa and the Middle East, we are uniquely
positioned to assist French SMEs reach their international expansion ambition.

Figure 1: SPE Capital Europe mission is to help French SMEs become leaders of the Euro-MENA region

Our investment criteria

We invest in:

– French SMEs with a turnover of EUR 10-70m. We will occasionally invest in SMEs based in Middle East and North Africa provided they have or intend to develop significant presence in France as part of the value creation plan
– EUR 5-12m investment per transaction (up to EUR 30m including co-investment)

– Any sector consistent with our strategy of creating future champions of the Euro-MENA region
– Majority or significant minority (minimum 25%) transactions with full alignment on value creation strategy and genuine partnership spirit

Our value creation plan

The Managing Partners of SPE Capital have significant experience investing,transforming and expanding SMEs in the Euro-MENA region. We work closely with Management to create value along two main axes:
– Business transformation and operational improvements
– Internationalization with a focus on Euro-MENA region

Figure 2: SPE Capital Europe value creation plan along two main axes


We are convinced that the human factor is at the heart of our success. We therefore strive to build close ties with Management based on trust and intellectual integrity. We will openly share our convictions and, more importantly, we will always listen carefully and empathically. We are strong believers that the only way to succeed is to succeed together, with a shared vision and full alignment of interests.

SPE Capital Europe is owned and managed by its partners. We are fully independent and have an agile decision-making process without red tape nor complicated layers of governance. As CEO of a portfolio company, you will always be speaking directly to the decision-makers.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

We are strong believers that good ESG practices, sustainability, and long-term financial performance go hand-in-hand. We consider ESG aspects in all phases of the investment cycle from the selection process to the value creation plan and exit.

Contact us

If you are the Owner or Manager of a French SME and would like to discuss a project with us, we would be delighted to find out more. You can reach us directly at:
Georges-Alexandre Ancenys:
André Wagner: