Our Approach

We consider high environmental, social and governance standards to be more than just a commitment. We see it as an opportunity to organically contribute to making a positive impact by fueling regional economic growth, creating meaningful and sustainable jobs, empowering workers, enhancing the institutionalization and financial performance of companies and contributing to the health and sustainability of local communities and stakeholders.

When investing, we take a holistic view of our impact. Our Impact and ESG team strictly adheres to international best practices for business integrity and sustainability that ultimately serve to enhance financial returns. Given the nature of the geographies and markets we operate in, we are committed to investing in companies that align with our values. That means we don’t just think of ESG as the right thing to do, but as a core element of our business that beneficially influences the value of the investments we make.

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  • 3,2363,236
    Jobs sustained across Africa 
  • 31%31%
    Average share of female employees across portfolio 
  • 29%29%
    Average share of women in senior management across portfolio
  • 28%28%
    Of portfolio company employees are under the age of 30
  • 734+734+
    Net jobs created since time of investment
  • 100%100%
    Of portfolio companies have regular and efficient boards of directors
  • 80%80%
    Of portfolio companies have women in governance positions